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    With the fast development in the field of industrial automation and rapid progress in production techniques, it is necessary to implement flexible and compatible systems in production. PHEONIX ENGINEERING advocates a Total Solution approach to all your needs.

    Pheonix Engineering personnel is very attentive to every inquiry from our customers. We are sure of that attitude, because sincere human attention leads to long-lasting cooperation and finally to the best results.

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  • Why Pheonix Engineering

    In 2013, we Started the Company to Provide Instant Technical Support & Easy Procurement of the Materials.

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    Products could also be manufactured and supplied as per the client's specifications.

Our Products

Precision Rack & pinion

The Rack and Pinion System is the primary building block of a linear axis drive. This system consists of a standard range of straight (spur), circumferential pitch, and helical racks and pinions. The modular design permits rack segment lengths from 0.5 to 2 meters to be linked together end to end achieving any desired travel length from standard components.

 Six quality levels available, up to Hardened & Ground (AGMA 13)
 Special/modified designs are possible
 Preloaded dual pinion gearboxes to eliminate axis backlash
 Nine standard Modules from Module 1.0 to 10.0 (Diametral Pitch, P, 25.4 to 2.54)

T.R Pinion

An extensive range of superior quality TR Pinion is being provided to all our clients. These are aesthetically designed and precision-engineered for their higher performance and durable work life. In addition to this, all these TR Pinions are rigidly tested on various quality parameters to deliver a flawless range in the market.


 A compact and agile 6-axis jointed-arm robot for precise assembly, complex machining and workpiece manipulating.
 Applications include: pick-and-place, handling, assembly, deburring, grinding and polishing.

Roller Guide Ways

Manufacturers need production equipment that runs faster than ever, yet with higher precision to turn out the lowest-cost, highest-quality components their customers demand.

 Load capacity
 Vibration damping
 Low rolling friction

Planetary Gearbox

A planetary gearbox refers to a gear system in which one or more 'planet' gears rotate around a central 'sun' gear. Typically, a planet carrier is driven by the input torque which rotates the planets around a fixed outer ring (sometimes referred to as the annulus). This in turn drives the sun gear which then provides the output torque. However there are examples of the other combinations, such as the sun gear being fixed and the ring providing output torque.

Linear Bearing

The linear ball bearing (also called ball bushing or shaft guiding) consists of a polymeric cage with raceway segments made of hardened steel to guide the ball sets within the complete system. Recirculating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement.

Ball Screw Support Unit

The ball screw support bearing fabricated by us are precision engineered ability bearings. These ball bearing are designed with polyamide cages and so that bearing stiffness are greater than conventional bearing. Our bearing are supplied with a pre-set preload so complicated adjustment and measurements are removed.