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In 2013, we Started the Company

  • About Pheonix Engineering

    With the fast development in the field of industrial automation and rapid progress in production techniques, it is necessary to implement flexible and compatible systems in production. PHEONIX ENGINEERING advocates a Total Solution approach to all your needs

    In 2013, we Started the Company to Provide Instant Technical Support & Easy Procurement of the Materials.

    The company's goal is to consistently supply high quality products and services to meet customer demands on a timely basis. Our company's products are Linear Guideways, Precision Ballscrews, Servo Couplings, Clutch & Brake Units, Planetary Gearboxes, Precision Shafts & LM Bushes.. etc "Pheonix Engineering" represents the worldwide known companies and suppliers of Linear Motion & TransmissionProducts, Assemblies and services, & Train the users.

    Pheonix Engineering personnel is very attentive to every inquiry from our customers. We are sure of that attitude, because sincere human attention leads to long-lasting cooperation and finally to the best results.

About Products

We provide value: The sustained high quality of all ATLANTA products and items has always been and continues to be an important characteristic of our work - both concerning standard solutions and customized solutions. We inspect all components and systems thoroughly with cutting edge technologies, thus ensuring their quality.

We claim to supply our customers only with the best. That is why we make sure that our gearboxes are manufactured under optimal conditions. Only in this manner we can achieve our goal of zero-defect production and so safeguard long service lives even in the most grueling application cycles

In order to sustain the effectiveness of our improvements, we launched years ago an integrated kaizen initiative at Neugart. Kaizen at Neugart permeates all company levels and makes use of various tools and process steps to consolidate the foundation of our company. The tool level uses improvement tools like 5S and 8V. The system level focuses on mental alignment towards solutions.